Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Books Make Me Smile 3

In honor of this book's first birthday on June 27, here is a big smile and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Crayons we know and love!

Happy birthday, Crayons!

Green Crayon has a beard and glasses?

Why do the Crayons make me smile?

1. You guys are hysterical and slightly irritating.  I mean, really, you kinda act like little trainwrecks sometimes and I can't look away.
2. Your disputatious and slightly whiny personalities remind me of some children (and adults) I know and love!
3. You always replied to our tweets this year when we would ask you questions about your thinking and your lives!
4. Your Author Father visited us this spring and brought you guys with him!  It was so much fun to meet you guys in person!  That definitely made us smile.

And finally...

5. Pink is a boy crayon! Pink rocks!  
Huge smile!

Are there books that are making your nerdy heart smile?  Join us in posting about them, using the hashtag #booksmiles on Twitter!

Happy Reading!

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